Tag: Witch


  • Session #11: The Pale Lady

    After stepping through the portal in the woods, the heroes quickly discover that the origin of the creature and Veera's word of power are seemingly related. Ambrose and Karl confront a enigmatic woman who has been secretly mentoring& …

  • Session #29: Harvest Men

    It's been a year and a day since our heroes began their training in Soala'Sar. Stronger than before, they venture back out into the realm of men to take on Ogorian's evils. As they near closer to Rosara however, they re- …

  • Session #30: Witch's Domain

    Karl, Ambrose, and Chrysanthemum are trapped by the mysterious witch and her odd familiar. Truths are withheld about her reason for tormenting the countryside, but Chrysanthemum discovers hidden secrets about her own family. 


  • Session #34: Together Again

    The team infiltrates the Coven's domain to end their threat on the world. Chrysanthemum undergoes unusual changes and encounters someone from her past that she thought she would never meet again.