Tag: Lantern


  • Outside the frontier village

    Ambrose Francois spent his younger years as a student of an prestigious arcane academy, but decided after completing his qualifications to strike out on his own. Since then he has been a relic hunter, delving into ruins to find valuable objects to …

  • An Unassuming Spell

    Ambrose and Alton take a nights rest before reaching their destination. In the morning Ambrose prepares his spells while Alton watches. “That one looks interest’n”, Alton points out as Ambrose dips through the pages. “ …

  • The Justice Tree

    Ambrose looks at Alton expectedly. Something isn't right about Alton and he wants answers. The waitress looks a bit upset at Ambrose. "I'm sorry. That will be all for now," he says to remove her. She nods hesitantly and walks away. & …

  • Session #12: Torvold's Mountain

    Ambrose, Karl, Veera, and Chrysanthemum arrive back in Illivan and plan to reseal the lantern the following evening. A storm is rolling in, but the heroes agree that they should perform the ritual as soon as possible.