A Lantern Broken

Session #25: The Wizard and the Warp
Ambrose's School Days Part 3

The journey to the elven city Soala'Sar gave Ambrose time to think about his past and all of times he had actually met an elf. He reminisces on the time an elven dignitary arrived at the Triskelion just as he was meant to begin an expedition to the kingdom of Corvallis. Along side his professors Ambrose was supposed to study the Warp, a magical event that happens every twenty-five years, but instead had the misfortune of being a teenager with someone to impress. 

Session #24: Water's Return
A King's Appreciation

After Dalibor's exit, the party descends the mountain and reveal that the water has returned to the Goodlands. Receiving praise from the local farmers, the heroes make their way back to the king to warn Rosara of the looming threat of the worm and Dalibor.

Session #23: Noedig the Alchemist
Mythril Rose Final Act

Gideon and his entourage have invaded the Heart Queen's Castle and intend to steal the Mythril Rose. But the castle's "unusual" layout provides some setbacks, until they are able to find the Lab of Gideon's archrival and perfect doppleganger, Noedig. 

Session #22: Under the Garden Wall
Mythril Rose Act 3

Their boat takes the group down the stagnant Olt Channel through the Sunset Spires. After inciting a mild massacre on a hidden human encampment, the trio arrives at Castle Cathice just as the Queen's celebratory masquerade is beginning. 

Session #21: The Baths of Szaczard
Mythril Rose Act 2

Gideon and the gang arrive at the Baths of Szaczard to meet with a contact who will procure them a boat. They have time to kill while they wait for it to arrive, so Gideon decides to wait at the bar in the nearby brothel. 

Session #20: Gideon the Alchemist
Mythril Rose Act 1

Court alchemist Gideon has been called on by the Red King to steal a mystical rose from the Heart Queen. Accompanied by the faithful soldiers Tybalt and Iago, Gideon begins the trek to castle Cathice by taking a shortcut through the Garden of Pests. 

Session #19: Dalibor
The King of Worms

Karl has found an unearthed grave site for the dark wizard Dalibor. As the group works together to find out what is happening at this mountain keep, a march of the spear-wielding creatures is approaching from higher on the mountain led by a hooded figure. 

Session #18: Secrets Under the Keep
Monsters in the Earth

The keep at the end of the river is populated only by a single blind wizard. He reveals to the party that there have been silent visitors at the keep for some time. In the basements of the ruin, the party uncovers a hideous experiment. 

Session #17: Along the Riverbed
The Goodlands' Drought

On a quest to cure the land of a long drought, the heroes ascend a mountain to find the source of a critical river to Rosara's farmland. The mountains are dangerous and populated with a strange breed of wretched tongued monsters.

Session #16: The Dragon King's Court
And the Kingdom of Rosara

After defeating the monstrous hunter the group discovers a secret that forces them to seal off the cave. Afterwards they part with their new friend and find their way to the Kingdom of Rosara; where the king is hiring mercenaries to solve a dire problem.


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