A Lantern Broken

Session #16: The Dragon King's Court
And the Kingdom of Rosara

After defeating the monstrous hunter the group discovers a secret that forces them to seal off the cave. Afterwards they part with their new friend and find their way to the Kingdom of Rosara; where the king is hiring mercenaries to solve a dire problem.

Session #15: The Hunter of Perschwitz
Underground Depths

Working to find the killer Karl spotted hiding in the trees, the group hatches a plan to draw it out of hiding. However their plan is foiled when they instead are found by a red-haired woman who is well aware of the problems in her woods. She offers to help the heroes if they agree to rid the area of the mystery archer. Together the group come across a bandit camp who may know more about the issue. 


Session #14: An Elvish Summons
And Problems in Perschwitz

Some time passes after the event's of Torvold's Mountain and the trio is surprised by a compony of elves who have arrived at the manor with a calling from their Elder. An opportunity to distance themselves from the troubles in the city and find some true answers about what happened that night in the rain. Their journey will be lengthy, and not without new horrors to hinder their path. 


Session #13: Familiar Bonds
Ambrose's School Days Part 2

The events on Torvalds' Mountain has left Ambrose with some extra time to reminisce on his past. Away from the city and the manor, Ambrose rests under a tree and again remembers his youth spent at the Triskelion. The otherworldly occasion when he help his friend Sera find her mage's familiar. 


Session #12: Torvold's Mountain
Season One Finale

Ambrose, Karl, Veera, and Chrysanthemum arrive back in Illivan and plan to reseal the lantern the following evening. A storm is rolling in, but the heroes agree that they should perform the ritual as soon as possible.


Session #11: The Pale Lady
And the Worst Birthday

After stepping through the portal in the woods, the heroes quickly discover that the origin of the creature and Veera's word of power are seemingly related. Ambrose and Karl confront a enigmatic woman who has been secretly mentoring Chrysanthemum. Something is horribly wrong with the situation and the two plan to get Chrysanthemum and her brother away from the Lady of the Woods.


Session #10: A Shimmer in the Woods
And a Missing Boy

Leaving Grayditch behind, Ambrose and Karl continue to follow Veera further away from civilization and towards their goal. After sundown the trio begin to search for a campsite when they encounter a young boy crying in the road just as a mysterious creature bounds out of the trees and kidnaps him. A brief chase ends with the heroes losing the creature and starting a search for the child's whereabouts. 


Session #9: The Disappearance of Licentious
Ambrose's School Days Part 1

After meeting Chrysanthemum, Ambrose is reminded of his youth spent studying magic at the Triskelion; the world's last remaining arcane academy. When he was thirteen years old, Ambrose lost a dear friend in an accident beneath the school, and his path towards becoming a Magus began. 


Session #8: The Mines of Grayditch
And the Man-Eaters

Ambrose jolts awake from another of his recurring nightmares. Clawing out of his tent, he sees that Karl is already partway through repacking his own. At the sight of his companions, Ambrose lets out a long breath and begins to repack his belongings. The act calms his nerves and he takes the opportunity to prepare his mind for the day ahead. Something he felt after his brief encounter with Alton the night prior has him worried, but he decides to keep the exchange to himself. 

Together the group begins to clear the forest into the sight of a small village. The buildings are squat and without any ornamentation; appearing to be masoned with rough stone. "Karl, do you know where we are," Ambrose asks. 

"If I had to guess, I'd say this is Grayditch. About a four days walk if we stuck to the road," he grinned as Ambrose rolled his eyes. Karl leads the way to the village entrance where the group encounters, unexpectedly, no one at all. "This is supposed to be a mining town, where are all of the people?"

Ambrose purveys the homes and shops nearby, "It doesn't seem abandoned. I -" Ambrose pauses as he hears the sounds of a congregation further into the village. A glance from Karl is all that is needed to approve a deeper investigation. Continuing down the path towards the village center, the trio approach a mob of villagers gathered around a makeshift stage. Upon it a man in a poorly tailored officiator's gown addresses the crowd.

"Please Cornelius, wait for some soldiers or mercenaries from Illivan before taking any more men into the mines. None of us can afford to lose any more family to these things."

"And how long will that take, Mayor? Nolic and Pherren are holding that barricade, but it won't last forever."

The crowd again starts to roar, causing Karl to pull Ambrose aside. "We should see if we can help these people."

"No, we should press on to find Veera's word of power. We should try to reseal the lantern as soon as possible." Ambrose motions to Veera but she is distracted by the crowd before them. 

"Unfortunately I lost the direction just before entering the town," her eyes do not break away from the mob. "It is odd, the feeling suddenly became… very dull, numb. It is as if it moved very far away very quickly. I do not know how long it will take to come back, if it does at all."

"Well that's just great. Karl, I guess it's up to y-"

"-irs? Sirs? Excuse me sirs, are you mercenaries from Illivan?" Karl and Ambrose turn to see the mob has begun addressing them. The Mayor speaks above the crowd, "We are in dire need of your assistance. Please, we can pay you if need be, but please help rid us of these monsters."

On queue Ambrose replies, "We can work out our payment later. Tell us what has happened to this town."

The man previously addressed as Cornelius pushes through the congregation as he speaks, "Two days ago we were expanding the copper mine north of town using dwarven blasting powders. One of the blasts opened an entrance to an existing cave system, and the… monsters inside. They attacked the workers that discovered the cave and those that escaped barricaded the mine entrance." Cornelius raises his voice and is visibly upset about the events, "Yesterday a second group of men went in to exterminate the creatures, but…" The man words begin to choke. 

"Forgive Cornelius," a woman steps forward. "His son was among those lost."

Karl Raises his hands, "That's okay, I think there is enough for us to go on. If you could, my partner and I need to work through our plan." The crowds relief is audible and a few people begin to disperse. Karl pulls Ambrose away so as not to be overheard, "While I'm glad you've had a change of heart on the issue, what do we do if Veera isn't able to find that magic words location?"

"I'm not sure. We should just hope that after we clear this town's monster problem it will resolve itself. For now we just kill some monsters, get paid, and move on." The two nod a non-verbal agreement and turn back to the crowd, but are stunned by the sudden inclusions of a third party. Instead of who they had assumed to be Veera, Karl and Ambrose had been joined by young woman who was all too enthusiastic for the current situation. She smiles at them in her plain, white dress and motions to Ambrose's ring. 

"You're from the Triskelion aren't you? I saw your ring when you spoke to the others." She shifts her weight causing her long, brunette braid to fall and reveal a bow carried on her back. "My name is Chrysanthemum. Great to meet you. I've always wanted to go to the Academy, what's it like?" Her tremulous greetings string together without breathing, "Are you a Wizard? Can you shoot fire? Can you…"

"Chrysanthemum." A man calls out from the crowd cutting Chrysanthemum short. The brusqueness of his voice must be a common occurrence for the girl as her face had turned into a wince at the sound. "Chrysanthemum, I told you not to leave my side. Now come, girl."

"Yes Father," replies the now demure girl as she reluctantly turns away from Ambrose and Karl and walks away with man. 

"Right. Well, that was uh… something," Ambrose fills in somewhat shocked and the brief exchange. "So Karl why don't we go meet with these, um, miners at the edge of town?"

Karl stifles a laugh, "Pfft… You don't want to stay here and meet more of your 'fan-club'?"

"Oh, come off it Karl" 

The duo and their apparition complete the short trip it takes to get to the town's copper mine. The mine entrance exists and the bottom of a large quarry, and at the bottom of the pit stand two men guarding a barricaded, iron door.  

"Hail and well met," Ambrose exudes. "I am Ambrose François, the Magus, and this is my companion… Karl." Karl gives Ambrose a sly look, noting the lack of grandiosity in the introduction Ambrose provided on his behalf. "We have traveled from Illivan and have both agreed to combat this, uh, troubling monster issue."

Both men elate at the sound of Ambrose's proclamation. One stocky man that had leaned against the entrance, not much larger than the other, greets Ambrose and Karl back, "I am Nolic and this is my friend Pherrin. We are both miners here."

"And it's just you two guarding the entrance?" Ambrose asks.

"We're all that's left to gaurd." Pherrin joins," The others were still in the mine when we got out. There wasn't enough time for them to escape, and we had to seal it behind us." Pherrin's eyes never left the ground. "We could hear them scratching behind the door… not our friends, the monsters. But we haven't heard anything since this morning."

A few men from the village descend down into the pit during the pale story. They inform the current group that they are here to guard the entrance while the two mercenaries and the two guards enter the caves and kill off all of the monsters that they can find. 

Session #7: An Uninvited Guest
The Mysterious Girl

Two weeks pass while Karl and Ambrose live their lives out of Hart Manor. ’Master’ Karl tends to the daily business of his orchard. Ambrose, on most days, studies the books Uncle Hart’s library, and once briefly helped the laborers in the almond grove with their chores. One morning, Karl and Ambrose are eating their breakfast in the dining room when they hear a noise from the main entryway. In a moment Gerrick enters the room with a letter in his had proclaiming, “A messenger just delivered this Master Hart. It’s for you and Ambrose.” Ambrose raises his eyebrows in surprise. Karl lazily motions Gerrick to hand the letter to Ambrose who begins to open it.


Ambrose seems elated, “Is this an invitation to a noble ball?” Karl sets down his food and groans, “Ow, no more nobles.”

“I take it you’ve had unpleasant encounters with nobles.”

“Ugh, well, on account of the orchard and my uncle’s wealth, the Hart family is considered a ’lesser house’ by the Noble Council. As a result multiple noble families have tried to curry favor with me in exchange for favors.” Gerrick comes to remove their dining plates. “I hate them though, the lot of them; they’re all greedy and selfish,” Karl ends rather tartly. Finished with breakfast the two begin to make their way to the parlor through the front room. 

“Well I don’t know about you, but I think I actually like to attend this ball. It would be nice to receive at least some recognition for what we did.” Followed by Karl, Ambrose opens the double doors to the parlor but stops. There a hooded figure seated in the parlor already. They have pulled one of the armchairs to the small table where Ambrose had left the lantern, sitting in the dark in silence. Frozen in the doorway, Ambrose calls to Karl behind him, “Um, Karl, where you expecting a visitor today?”

“No, why-” The two stand staring and unmoving; the blue-hooded figure perched in the armchair seemingly to large for their frame. Karl begins to push himself in front of Ambrose, “Who are you?” He raises his voice to a butler in another room, “Gerrick, did you let anyone into the manor today?” The figure, almost startled, turns their head slightly towards the two men. They raise their hands to their hood and hesitate for a moment before pulling it back; revealing what appears to be a young girl. Her head is bald and covered in some type of white makeup giving here a ghostly visage in the dark room; her ears come to slight points. Karl and Ambrose are taken aback by their new visitor. 

“So you two are the ones who found my lantern,” she says in a slow drawl. Ambrose and Karl are now standing fully in the parlor, light spills into the room from the foyer. Defensive, Ambrose asks, “What do you mean, ’your lantern’?”

She adjusts her head back so that she is again staring directly at the lantern. “Long ago there was a great darkness that was sealed away into this lantern,” she recites as she lifts the broken lantern, “And should the seals ever be broken, it would be unleashed unto the world once more.” Her small hand begin to follow a crack in the blue pane that Ambrose had never noticed. 

"How do you know this?" Ambrose slowly lowers his guard, Could she be?

Her head whips back towards the pair, “Because I was there, fool.” Those words hang in the parlor; she prevents baring her teeth. The girl stands out of the cushioned armchair and her height betrays her persona, as she barely meets Karl’s waist. Taken aback by her height, the men are reminded of the situation by the glare of her eyes. “I see you two have already destroyed the first seal.”

“So you must be the Blue panel…” Ambrose mutters.


“What?” both men ask simultaneously. 

“I am High Priestess Veera of the Red Elf Empire.” Veera boasts with pride, but at the apparent lack of reaction from Karl or Ambrose she seems to deflate momentarily. “But alas, it appears the Empire is no longer. I suppose just Veera will do for now.” A quick burst and she is pushing past Karl and Ambrose into the lit foyer, clutching the broken lantern to her body. “What are your intentions with my lantern?”

Ambrose follows her into the front room, "We met another… apparition like you, Alton. We were helping each other find a way to restore the seals. Though since he was not so helpful, we hoped to release another guardian. One who I assume was meant to be you?"

"Yes. While I do not recall any by that name, he was right to have sought for me. Where is this Alton now? I wish to speak with him."

"I haven't seen him in weeks," Ambrose replies. Veera looks down to the lantern in her hands. She seems almost disappointed, does she really not know Alton? "Now that you're here though, what do we need to do?"

“While I appreciate your earnestly, I believe I need you to recite your experience thus far with the lantern.” Veera sniffs at the air catching the remains of breakfast’s aroma. “Perhaps over a meal, I feel I have not eaten in a millennia.” She quickly pivots on her bare heel and wanders into the kitchen. 

Chasing after her Karl erupts, “Wait just a moment. This is my home and you are an uninvited guest.  Don’t Just wander around like you are supposed to be here.” But it was too late, Veera was already scarfing down the leftover eggs and sausage that Gerrick prepared. “I am grateful to learn that human’s tastes never change,” Veera bows her head as she cleans another plate.

“In all time time I was with Alton, I never saw him interact with anything. How is it that you can eat, or move the lantern?” Ambrose asks while hiding his disgust at the sight before him. Veera replies after placing a quarter of a sausage link in her mouth, “A mystery we may never solve.” She swallows, “Now kindly fill me in on what has happened to my lantern.” For the better part of the morning Ambrose and Karl recount their adventures leading up to meeting Veera in the parlor. 

“I see.” Veera had finished eating halfway through the tale. “While it is unfortunate that is has come to this, I believe I know our next course of action. First, never cast that spell again unless you wish to ruin yourself.” Ambrose puts up no argument, the pain he felt in his arm is not something he will forget. “Second, the only way that the seals may be repaired is with the same ritual that created them in the first place.”

“And how could we accomplish that?” Karl interjects. “I hate to be the realist, but not all of us are ancient elven sorceresses.” The sting leaves Veera and Karl glaring at each other. 

“He’s right though; how do we finish this?” Ambrose eyes the lantern. 

“Ages ago I led the communion that sealed the darkness away; to do so I created an object of pure magical energy. A great word of power that we recited to create the final seals. I believe it still exists in this world and that I can find it.”


“When you create something as great as it was, a part of you is left in it. I can feel it out there, like a hook on my intestines gently tugging me towards its location.” Veera turns to her right, extending her arm and pointing to the east. “It’s out there, waiting for me.”

Ambrose turns to Karl, “Will you come with us?” Karl gives Ambrose a look of incredulity. “Of course I will go, I feel obligated.”

“Then we shall leave immediately,” Veera leaves the room back towards the front of the manor. Both men stumble after her. “Wait, no,” Ambrose calls, “While I am certainly agreed to take this on, we both need to prepare.” 

It is at this moment that Gerrick enters the Foyer from a nearby side-room. “Master Hart, do you require that I prepare a new hunting pack?” He wrings his hands in that peculiar way that Ambrose finds uncomfortable. “For you and Mr. François, of course.” Karl and Ambrose glance at each other. Veera stands in the center of all three men, still clutching the lantern. 

“Yes Gerrick, that would be fine,” Karl accepts. So he can’t see Veera; just like how other’s couldn’t see Alton except Ambrose. I really am deep into this. 

“So it is settled,” Veera starts unfazed by Gerrick’s omission of her presence. “When your servant returns with your preparation, we shall depart.” She plants herself at the front entrance, clearly in denial of any attempt to dissuade her.  In short time, Gerrick reappears with Ambrose’s limited belongings and a traveling pack for Karl. Soon the newly formed trio were traveling to parts unknown; hoping that at the end they would find the solution to their woes. Not long after departing Hart Manor, Veera had led the two men to a curve in the road.

“Can’t we stay on the road,” Ambrose cried, “nothing good comes from wandering into a forest. Believe me, I know this from experience.” 

“We must follow in this direction, it is where we will find our goal.”

Karl nods, “And everyone know the shortest distance is the straightest path.” Dejected, Ambrose follows the pair into the trees. Night came and went and returned without incident. Karl made a few comments on how odd it was that they had not encountered any sort of wildlife so fat, but Ambrose considered it a blessing.

Ambrose wakes at their second campsite in the middle of the night with a powerful urge to urinate. Quietly he emerges from his tent, so as not to wake his companions. Karl had his own tent, but Veera had reluctantly taken to sleeping in the grass. She had begun to complain about a lack of arrangements for her, but it was reminded that she insisted that they leave immediately.  It must have been comfortable enough, since she only brought it up the once. Traveling a fair distance from the camp, Ambrose checks to confirm he isn't within viewing distance of the camp and sizes up a large oak tree. Relief spreads over Ambrose body, until he hears the snap of a branch on the others side of the oak. 

A figure suddenly steps out from the side, "Ambrose" Alton exclaims. 

Ambrose screams at the sudden intrusion of his privacy and attempts to cover himself as quickly as possible. "Alton? What are you doing here? Where have you been?"

"I'm sorry Ambrose, but I've been travelling." Still covering his eyes Alton continues, "Ever since you've broke the first seal, I haven't been tethered to the lantern. I've been all over the world, Ambrose."

"Where did you go, and why choose right now to reappear?" 

"I've been far away, Ambrose, and I've only just returned. Places I would have never dreamed of seeing in my first life. There is this place; a place with towers that reach past the clouds. Great chains are the only thing keeping them from floating into the heavens." Alton looks wistfully into the distance. "I came back to check on you, though. Did another guardian appear from the lantern."

"Yes," Ambrose replies still processing all that Alton had said. Where could this place be, I've never heard of anything like it. "A priestess named Veera is guiding us to a device to reseal the lantern."

"Veera? Amazing, you couldn't wish for anyone more suited to the task." Alton begins to slowly back away in the direction opposite of the campsite. "I suppose if you've got her, then you don't really need me hanging around. We'll see each other again, Ambrose. I promise, but until then there is still so much of the world left for me to see." Alton steps behind a tree and is gone as quickly as he appeared. 

"Damn it, Alton." Ambrose contains his fury on his way back to camp. Something seems wrong with how he reacted to Veera's name. When Ambrose reaches the campsite, he sees Veera and Karl unmoved from their positions. Perhaps this is something I'll need to bring up tomorrow. Ambrose slowly drifts back asleep, returning to another of his recurring nightmare. Again and again he is chased by the werewolf Giridharan until he wakes; just before being caught in wrathful maw of the cursed man. 


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