A Lantern Broken

Session #31: Descent to Mazaranth
City of Hobgoblins

The heroes escape the witches domain, but land into deeper trouble. Finding themselves suddenly deep under ground, the group must find a way to escape the underground city of Mazaranth and get to Rosara above.  

Session #30: Witch's Dominion
Louis the Good

Karl, Ambrose, and Chrysanthemum are trapped by the mysterious witch and her odd familiar. Truths are withheld about her reason for tormenting the countryside, but Chrysanthemum discovers hidden secrets about her own family. 


Session #29: Harvest Men
Return to the Realm

It's been a year and a day since our heroes began their training in Soala'Sar. Stronger than before, they venture back out into the realm of men to take on Ogorian's evils. As they near closer to Rosara however, they re-encounter a witch they hoped they never see again. 

Session #28: What Fate May Come
Season Two Finale

Ambrose faces his own trials and struggles with the visions before him. Will he be able to break free of the arch's control, or will he be trapped in the dark situations he is placed into?

Session #27: The Trials Begin
Karl's Test

The day before his Trials, Karl and Ambrose reminisce on their travels with each other and Chrysanthemum and they ponder all the ways their lives have changed in ways they never would have expected. Time goes by quickly on this restfully day, and our heroes make their final preparations before they take their next step towards their true destiny. Karl faces his most challenging trials that cause him to question his relationships with those he loves and respects. How will these visions affect how he sees his companions in the future? Only time will tell.

Session #26: Nightmare's End
Enter the Dream

After meeting a new Veera, the heroes finally receive answers to many questions they have had about their journey. To prepare for a future battle with Ogorian, the group must undergo a series of elven trials that will awaken their innate potential. But there is a taint in Ambrose that prevents him from participating. Chrysanthemum and Karl must find a way to sever Ogorian's connection to Ambrose through his recurring nightmares. 

Session #25: The Wizard and the Warp
Ambrose's School Days Part 3

The journey to the elven city Soala'Sar gave Ambrose time to think about his past and all of times he had actually met an elf. He reminisces on the time an elven dignitary arrived at the Triskelion just as he was meant to begin an expedition to the kingdom of Corvallis. Along side his professors Ambrose was supposed to study the Warp, a magical event that happens every twenty-five years, but instead had the misfortune of being a teenager with someone to impress. 

Session #24: Water's Return
A King's Appreciation

After Dalibor's exit, the party descends the mountain and reveal that the water has returned to the Goodlands. Receiving praise from the local farmers, the heroes make their way back to the king to warn Rosara of the looming threat of the worm and Dalibor.

Session #23: Noedig the Alchemist
Mythril Rose Final Act

Gideon and his entourage have invaded the Heart Queen's Castle and intend to steal the Mythril Rose. But the castle's "unusual" layout provides some setbacks, until they are able to find the Lab of Gideon's archrival and perfect doppleganger, Noedig. 

Session #22: Under the Garden Wall
Mythril Rose Act 3

Their boat takes the group down the stagnant Olt Channel through the Sunset Spires. After inciting a mild massacre on a hidden human encampment, the trio arrives at Castle Cathice just as the Queen's celebratory masquerade is beginning. 


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