Karladron Hart

The team muscle and a reluctant noble.


Karladron grew up as the favored nephew of his beloved uncle, spending his youth on his uncle’s pecan orchard on the outskirts of the Illivani farmlands. As he grew, Karl would often accompany his uncle on hunting trips in the wilds outside of Illivan chasing big game, especially bears. After reaching adulthood Karl decided against becoming an adventurer or guardsman in order to stay close to his uncle, instead becoming a tax collector for the queen.

Unfortunately the day came when Karl’s uncle passed away leaving his entire estate to him; much to the dismay of Karl’s many cousins. Having inherited the great wealth and land of his esteemed uncle Karl quit his occupation under the queen and began his position as head of the Hart estate. Outside of maintaining the orchard production, Karl spent most of his days in leisure at the Illivani Hunter’s Lodge, idling between hunts. These quiet days went without trouble until Karl was approached by an adventurer named Ambrose Fran├žois who brought him into an unwanted world of mystery and danger.

Karladron Hart

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