Chrysanthemum Ostander

The youngest and most optimistic member of the group.


Chrysanthemum is a curious girl from a small farming village near the Greer’s Woods. Raised by her well-meaning parents along with her mischievous little brother, Chrysanthemum began to feel like she needed something more in her life than the simple farm-girl life her father wished for her. Growing up on a farm, she longed for the city life of Illivan or Roue d’or. Most especially she wished to learn to use magic at the Grand Academy in Roue d’or. On her 14th birthday, Chrysanthemum was given permission to go into Greer’s Woods alone, her parent’s deciding that she was old enough to go on her own expeditions. Least to say, Chrysanthemum was ecstatic at the opportunity to have time to herself.

One day while she was foraging in the woods, Chrysanthemum came across a wild dog. While she’s not one to shy away from animals, she felt that something was wrong with this one. As the hound wandered closer to Chrysanthemum, she finally noticed it’s foaming maw. Attempting to avoid the rabid dog she tried to move between some trees to hide but ended on the ground, tripped by tree roots. Alerted to the girl, the dog charged. Chrysanthemum struggled to get off the ground, and as the hound drew nearer she threw out her hands. A force welled up inside her, a culmination of her fear and will to live; suddenly a burst sprung forth from her. The dog whelped as something splashed upon its body, and it began to flee. Chrysanthemum was in awe; she didn’t know how but she had just performed magic. Her hopes and dreams had seemingly been answered in one terrible moment. As she rushed home, she remembered her father’s distaste for magic, and began to feel that perhaps she should keep the day’s events to herself, else she may never be allowed to leave the farm again. Regardless, she decided to take up her father’s bow and learn to protect herself.

Two years pass, and Chrysanthemum’s experiences with magic are few and fleeting. Items just out of reach would fly into her hands, or doors would close just with a thought. However Chrysanthemum tried, she couldn’t replicate these events on demand. While wandering through the woods one winter, Chrysanthemum began to follow some unusual rabbit tracks. She followed them deep into the woods, and found herself in a clearing she had never seen before. Before her was a meadow of beautiful flowers, and in the center was a woman dressed wholly in white. The woman was looking at Chrysanthemum and beckoned her closer with a gesture to which Chrysanthemum obliged. “What is your name, girl?”, the woman asked. Chrysanthemum shared her name and the woman followed, “I see a spark in you, Chrysanthemum. Tell me, have you ever wished to learn magic?” Chrysanthemum flushed with excitement that she failed to hide. She explained to the woman her brief magical outbursts and the woman smiled. “I could teach you to control your magic and bring out your potential. Would you like to come with me?”

Thus Chrysanthemum began to sneak off to the lady of the woods to learn how to bring out her magic. The woman told Chrysanthemum to never reveal where she was after visiting her teacher and would often give her rabbits or wild herbs to give to her family to convince them of her sincerity. Chrysanthemum is now nearing her 18th birthday and has been visiting the white woman for some time. She begs to her parents to let her leave the farmstead and let her find her way, but they are reluctant to her pleas. They tell her that they need her to watch over her brother until he a little older, and that if she could just stay on the farm a few more seasons they could be prepared to run the farm without her. But Chrysanthemum is growing weary of her family and wants to spend more and more time with the lady of the woods. If only her family wouldn’t hold her back. If only she didn’t need to look after her little brother…

Chrysanthemum Ostander

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