Ambrose François

A former lawman turned mercenary and treasure hunter, with less experience than he pretends to have.


Ambrose is old for an adventurer, at 36 years, having spent the majority of his young life split between La Grande Académie in Roue D’or, a mage’s school and guild, and working as a keeper of the law. His age shows; his hair is black with shoots of gray, an unkempt mess atop his head. With his age comes little experience, however, as his treasure hunting marks his first serious foray into the larger world.

Ambrose went to La Grande Académie at a young age, where he was trained in both magic and melee expertise. It was here that he gained his affinity for relics and worldly treasures, a trait that is his main drive to this day. After graduating from the school, Ambrose worked for a short time as a member of a coalition in a minor city, helping to keep law and order. Disillusioned with the system, he quit after witnessing several years of corruption and deceit. He now works as a private investigator and mercenary, helping people for a price, thanks to his strong drive for justice. His favorite jobs to take, however, are those where he can travel the world and catalog and explore and discover new artifacts and items, and in between jobs, he has a habit of seeking these excursions out for his own pleasure.

Ambrose François

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