A Lantern Broken

Session #36: Return to Roue D'or
Class Reunion

The party needs to get away from Rosara for a change a scenery. Luckily, Ambrose receives a mysterious letter from his old mentor in Roue D'or. Strange goings-on in the largest city in Miras have the crew interested in their next adventure 

Session #35: King's Fall
Season Three Finale

The conflict in Rosara comes to a climax as the party finds a way to confront the subteranean goblin king. Goblins and monkeys abound in the final battle in the underground city of Mazaranth. 

Session #34: Together Again
Coven Status Reduced

The team infiltrates the Coven's domain to end their threat on the world. Chrysanthemum undergoes unusual changes and encounters someone from her past that she thought she would never meet again. 

Session #33: A Curse Upon the Crown
A Witch Hunt

A request from the Princess of Rosara sends the party back into the threat of the witch coven. Re-uniting with the incorrigible Louis and inscrutable Corra. Together the band tracks the location of the hags and plans to break the curse that has fallen upon the King. 

Session #32: Death Frost Doom
Elsewhere in Miras

A solo adventure through Zak S.'s adventure module, Death Frost Doom.

Session #31: Descent to Mazaranth
City of Hobgoblins

The heroes escape the witches domain, but land into deeper trouble. Finding themselves suddenly deep under ground, the group must find a way to escape the underground city of Mazaranth and get to Rosara above.  

Session #30: Witch's Dominion
Louis the Good

Karl, Ambrose, and Chrysanthemum are trapped by the mysterious witch and her odd familiar. Truths are withheld about her reason for tormenting the countryside, but Chrysanthemum discovers hidden secrets about her own family. 


Session #29: Harvest Men
Return to the Realm

It's been a year and a day since our heroes began their training in Soala'Sar. Stronger than before, they venture back out into the realm of men to take on Ogorian's evils. As they near closer to Rosara however, they re-encounter a witch they hoped they never see again. 

Session #28: What Fate May Come
Season Two Finale

Karl faces his most challenging trials that cause him to question his relationships with those he loves and respects. How will these visions affect how he sees his companions in the future? Only time will tell.

Session #27: The Trials Begin
Karl's Test

The day before his Trials, Karl reminisces on his travels with Ambrose and Chrysanthemum and and ponders all the ways his life has changed in ways he never would have expected. Time goes by quickly on this restfully day, and our heroes make their final preparations before they take their next step towards their true destiny. 


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